Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have between 1-3 years of HR experience
  • Must have completed NYSC
  • Must be able to attend all CIPM credential classes if selected for scholarship

Application Requirements

  • Basic biographic information

  • Resume Upload

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Video Essay / 500 word Essay - “Why
    Human Resources”

  • Recommendation letters from two
    HR Professionals who can attest to your passion and interest for HR

  • Connect with @cipmnigeria on
    Instagram & Twitter

  • Connect with @thehrzone1
    on Instagram & Twitter

  • Follow CIPM and HR Zone
    on LinkedIn

The Application Procedure
For Eligible Applicants

Benefits Of Project Engage

Benefits to Candidates

  • Networking with thousands of HR Professionals within the HR Zone community

  • Sponsorship to write CIPM certification exam, fully paid for.

  • Free Access to all HR Zone events

  • Recommendation of candidates to employers at end of project life.

  • Mentorship match with seasoned HR professionals

  • Stand out from other HR candidates in a job search.

  • Boost your confidence and recognition.

  • Expand your scope within the HR field and bring
    new ideas to drive business

  • Success within your organization.

  • Demonstrate your
    long-term commitment
    to the HR profession

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m eligible to apply?

In order to be considered eligible to apply, you should
  • be a university graduate
  • have completed your NYSC
  • must have between 1 - 3 years of experience in the Human Resource profession.

How do I apply?

You can apply to be considered for this programme by filling out the application in the link here. Fill out and upload your form in the application portal here. Also attach your resume, statement of purpose, video essay and recommendation letters here.

If I am based out of Lagos, am I eligible?

Yes, as long as you are able to attend all classes at CIPM

Where can I find the full programme information?

The full programme can be found here www.thehrzone.or

What happens if I fail any of the levels?

if the scholarship recipient fails any level in the certification journey, HR Zone will cover 50% of the cost of exams and classes and the rest will be covered by the candidate.

If the scholarship recipient fails a third time, the recipient will loose all benefits attached to the scholarship.

Where can I find other general information?

Visit our website at thehrzone.org to learn more about our organization

What’s the timeline for the application cycle?

Applications open on Feb 1st 2020 and ends March 15, 2020. Applicants will be notified ..... on April 30th 2020

Who can write recommendation letters?

HR Leaders / Professionals that can attest to your passion for the profession.

Can HR Zone members write recommendation letters?

HR Zone members cannot write recommendation letters for intending participants.

Is a job guaranteed for me at the end of this program?

No, you are not guaranteed a job. However, we will share your resume within the HR Zone community..

What if I need to talk to someone?

Contact us by sending an email to projectengage@thehrzone.org. You will typically get a response within 48 hours.